2018 Speakers

  • João Gouveia
    João Gouveia Director of Operations, Supervia

    Mechanical Engineer, postgraduate in Transportation Engineering by USP with an MBA in Business Management and Logistics from FGV, he developed his career in the areas of logistics and transport, railways and management. He participated actively in the privatization, concession, merger and spin-off of the companies Fepasa, Ferronorte, Ferroban, Novoeste, Portofer and Supervia.

    Since 2005, he has been the chief operating officer of Supervia, a metropolitan transportation concessionaire in Rio de Janeiro. He has worked in large Brazilian companies in positions of director and president. He is founder and Executive Director of ANPtrilhos, National Association of Railroad Carriers and is a Counselor of Railroad Magazine.

  • Silvani Alves Pereira
    Silvani Alves Pereira President, Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo – METRÔ

    Silvani Alves Pereira has held many senior roles within Brazil including Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Cities, Cabinet Chief of the Presidency of Caixa, National Secretary of Public Policies of the Ministry of Labor, Secretary of State in Sergipe – Secretaries of Health, Strategic Management and Economic and Social Development, Superintendent of Caixa Federal Economy in the states of Goiás, Sergipe and Espírito Santo.

    He has held positions on the board of directors for Trensurb and CBTU. In January 2019 he became President of the Companhia de Metropolitano de São Paulo.

  • Marcelo Dourado
    Marcelo Dourado President, Metrô-DF

    Marcelo Dourado is Director-President at METRO-DF. He holds a degree in History from the University of Brasilia and a post-graduate degree in Public Administration from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

    He was superintendent director of the Center for the Development of the Midwest (Sudeco), a position he held for almost three years. It engaged in the Federal Government’s project to eradicate extreme poverty, as well as infrastructure, logistics, productive inclusion and sustainable development projects for the Midwest.

    He has extensive experience working in the legislative area, was advisor and chief of staff of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District and political coordinator of the Leadership of the Brazilian Socialist Party in the Chamber of Deputies.

  • José Augusto Rodrigues Bissacot
    José Augusto Rodrigues Bissacot Director of Planning and Projects, CPTM

    Mr. Rodrigues is responsible for managing and overseeing the development of projects and upgrades to the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (Paulista Company of Metropolitan Trains).

    CPTM has seven commuter and rapid transit lines with 94 stations in and around the city of Sao Paulo.

    Jose Augusto Rodrigues will discuss the current operations of the network and the construction of Line 9 and the proposed development of Line 10.

  • Paulo Ferreira
    Paulo Ferreira Chief Operating Officer, VLT Carioca

    Paulo Ferreira worked for MRS Logistica since 2004 as an engineer, Operations Manager and then General Manager of Operations.

    In 2014 he joined VLT Carioca as the Operations Manager and in 2017 he became the organizations Chief Operating Officer.

    Mr. Ferreira is a graduate engineer with a postgraduate qualifications in Business Management and an MBA in General Business Administration and Management.

  • Luis Cardenas
    Luis Cardenas Project Manager - Barranquilla Light Rail

    Luis Cardenas is the CEO of A Todo Tren and the general manager of the light rail project in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

    The project under developmet will serve 15 stations and is estimated to transport over 100,000 passengers per day.

    Mr. Cardenas will discuss the development of the project and transport upgrades on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

  • Roberto Labarthe
    Roberto Labarthe New Business Executive, CCR

    Roberto Labarthe graduated in Mathematics from the American University, Washinton. In Buenos Aires, he worked for over 15 years in the infrastructure branch of the Roggio Group with focus on Roggi’s railroad business. He joined CCR in 2010, a Brazilian company which controls 9 subsisdiary concession holders including Metro Salvador, ViaQuatro and since January 2018 the Sao Paulo Metro. He will be discussing new projects under development by the group in Brazil and international at this year’s event.

  • Liu Ming
    Liu Ming President CRRC Latin America Corp

    Mr. Liu Ming is the President of CRRC Latin America Corp, a major Chinese company which is rapidly becoming a key partner in major transportation projects all over Latin America. Mr. Liu Ming will discuss some of the innovations the company is bringing to the region and the successful projects they have supported in the region and globally.

  • Robson Fernandes Ramos
    Robson Fernandes Ramos Secretary of Transporte, Rio de Janeiro

    Robson Fernandes Ramos is an Aeronautical Engineer at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) and a Master in Civil Engineering from the University of California / Berkeley. He served in the Civil Aviation Department and the Aeronautical Engineering Department and served as Vice President of the Permanent Commission for the Alienation of Aeronautical Mobile Assets.

    Mr. Fernandes Ramos is now the Secretary of Transport for the city of Rio de Janeiro and he will discuss projects currently under development.

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